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This Google Maps Creator was made to allow people to create simple maps which will integrate into websites.
These are based on Blackpool Maps Tutorials
Check out a
Sample Map Generated with this tool

May 30 2007 I got the map working so I need to add some other features like the controls to allow you to change from Satellite to Hybrid Mode, etc. I also need to add markers and text within the textbox. Afterthat, this baby still needs to spit out the proper code that people can use.
June 26 2007 I got the code spitting out the proper information so that it can be copied and pasted into a webpage
July 1 2007 I added portable code so that people with no acces to the body and head tags could just cut and paste the code to their website.

- Kokobutter

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Full Code (Those that have access to entire webpage)

Portable Code (Those that have partial page access)

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